Here’s the scenario. You’ve just bought a Ford and start going through the settings. You come across “Create MyKey”. It sounds like a good idea so you activate the feature. What really just happened is the key is no longer an admin key, and you’re locked into restrictive settings on your car.


Here are some of the settings on the MyKey feature:

Top Speed Restriction: MyKey limits a vehicle’s top speed at four different settings – 65, 70, 75 or 80 mph, with chimes sounding at 45, 55 and 65 mph.

Seat Belt on for Radio: You will hear a six-second reminder chime every 30 seconds and the vehicle will mute the audio system until all front occupants fasten their safety belts. The message center displays “Buckle Up to Unmute Radio.”

Limit Radio Volume: Audio volume is limited to 44 percent of total volume.

Censored radio content: MyKey blocks all stations labeled as “explicit” by Sirius Satellite Radio.

Early low-fuel warning: MyKey gives a warning at 75 miles to empty, rather than the standard warning at 50 miles to empty.


Here are some pros and cons of the MyKey feature:


  • This is a great tool for parents with young drivers who want to make sure they drive safely.
  • This is also useful for fleet vehicles to ensure a company’s drivers are driving responsibly.


  • Top speed restriction.
  • Radio volume restriction
  • You have to have your seatbelt on to listen to the radio, even in a driveway or a parking lot.
  • Chimes sounding at 45, 55, and 65 mph.

How Do I Turn Off MyKey?

I have an admin key.

Make sure you are using the admin key or fob. From the information display control on the steering wheel press the left arrow button to access the main menu and scroll to:

  • Settings (press the OK button) >
  • MyKey (press the OK button) >
  • Clear MyKey > Press and hold the OK button until the message displays: “All MyKeys Cleared.”

I don’t have an admin key.

If this is the case there is good news. You don’t have to take the car to the dealership to have it unlocked, which can be expensive. Lockworks OKC can come to your vehicle and program a new admin key for much less than the dealership charges. This also gives you a second key to the vehicle, which is another advantage over the dealership.

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